A Soft Melody (redqueenofevil) wrote in pasadena_veg,
A Soft Melody

Hooray for national mention!!!!

Hello, fellow vegs!

This month's issue of Vegetarian Times has an article on veg friendly places to get a "good veggie dog." While the focus of the article was on New York City, they had a blurb on where to get phenom veggie dogs elsewhere in the US.

Pinks was mentioned for LA, but specific to Pasadena, Orean Health Express (here in Pasadena) got its own section too! While I must admit that Orean's ambience needs a little help, I'm very excited to see it featured in a national mag.

While we're on the subject of veggie dogs, have any of you found a place that makes 'em fantastic? I haven't been to Pinks, but I like the veggie chili dog at Astros (I'm surprised they didn't mention Astros in the mag, actually- since they have a HUGE vegetarian menu). Anyway, if you like veggie dogs, you may want to check out this month's issue of Vegetarian Times. There are some interesting recipes on the matter as well.

An aside: Also mentioned was a haunt I used to go to when I lived in Denver, Mustard's Last Stand. That place features the best veggie dog in existence, period- and has for at least 10 years.
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